Color Photos Showing Life In Japan In The 1860s - 1900s

Pipe seller

People gambling outside

One of Beato’s colorists

A group of people on the boat

Wrestler and two retainers

A woman and a child

Three men with bows and arrows

Sleeping Girls

Japanese Girls Playing Gam

Samurais In Armour

Boy’s festival indoor celebration

Woman cutting daikon

Girl smoking pipe

Samurai in Western hat, and others on a road

Tennoji Buddhist temple in Osaka


A group of women

Three women and a girl

Samurai with folded fan

Tea seller

A woman in elaborate costume

Carrying children

A Japanese girl dressed a la mode

Danjuro as samurai

Portrait of an old man and a hand fan

Samurai in armor

Playing koto

Samurai bowman

Samurai in armour

Pilgrim going up Fujiyama

Two tattooed men

Woman in front of the mirror

Prisoner, 1860

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