20 Abandoned Places That Will Remind You Of Forgotten Japan

Today when we talk about Japan, we are often thinking about a totally crazy and offbeat culture. However, the country of the Rising Sun has a deep culture and history. The economic crises have given way to many emotionally charged abandoned places like Hospitals, houses, villages or amusement parks, we take you to the discovery of these places abandoned.

Jordy Meow is a French photographer from region of Arcachon. It was in 2007 that he settled in Japan came and developed a passion for photography. Later he published the book “Nippon no Haikyo” (Remains of forgotten Japan) for which he traveled across the country looking for photography of abandoned places. Often left intact as if time had frozen, these places reflect the lives of the people who lived there.

A hospital abandoned in 1998

An Ice cream shop located in the Japanese Alps

Namezawa Elementary School, in the Japanese Alps

The doctor’s house

The madhouse in Kanto

An abandoned house that was destroyed in May 2013

Hotel Maya in Kobe

Club striptease Yubara in Okayama

Royal House 

Dodge WC-14, a car wreck abandoned in the mountains Yamanashi 

An abandoned house in Kanagawa

The snow white clinic in Ibaraki

Hotel Kuroshio inn. the island of Awajima

Military base in Fuchu

Love Fuurin hotel in Chiba

House kimono Hoshino in Ibaraki

Minami Pachinko Shikoku

A ghost clinic in Shikoku

The Gunkanjima island, abandoned in 1970 and served in the filming of Skyfall

Nara Dreamland, an amusement park for sale since 2006

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