6 Scariest Cases of Demonic Hauntings That Could Be Real

The Man with Black Eyes

The Bean family lived in a house in a Baltimore suburb back in the 1970s, and they believed their house was haunted by an evil entity. The family often felt a negative presence, and even believed that something invisible tried to strangle them many times. One night, the invisible presence took on the form of a mam, who had had black eyes and wore a black suit. The family moved into a new house a decade later, and even though they escaped with their lives, they still couldn't explain what happened in their old home.

Sallie House Hauntings

The events that occurred in this house back in 1992 were supposedly caused when a ghost by the name of Sallie started to haunt the premises. The ghost attacked the couple inside the house and left them with bruises, cuts, and other injuries. Visitors also experienced strange pains and saw weird shapes, followed by eerie sounds of animals. Debra and Tony Pickman believed that the ghost brought a demon into their home who somehow wanted their child. After two years they left their home, never to return, but this case was never solved.

The House on Armstrong Street

When a young couple moved into a new house in Kokomo, IN, back in the 1970s, they didn't expect the horrifying events that were about to come. The Brocks had three daughters who didn't like being in the house on Armstrong Street and when the couple had two sons, they encountered something really terrifying. They saw a strange figure outside their house which didn't look human and thought that a demon was haunting the house. One night, one of the daughters was visited by an invisible presence and when she attempted to call for help, she was blocked by the hand of the strange being. The Brocks' dog ran into the room and the being allegedly killed it. The daughter survived the encounter but the house was mysteriously burned to the ground sometime later.

Darkness Attacks

Back in 2014, a TV crew was sent to film a report about a house in Pennsylvania that was supposedly terrorized by a demon for many years. When the crew entered the house, the cameraman felt like his hand was burning for no reason, and the owners, Tom and DeAnna Simpson, poured holy water on his skin to stop the burning. The demon inside the home allegedly tortured the couple on a regular basis and looked like an ominous dark shadow. The couple also claimed that as many as five ghosts used to haunt the home.

Diabolical Symbols

Homeowners A.J. and Jeanine claimed that their Louisiana home was haunted, saying that they experienced an evil presence and felt physical attacks. The hauntings became too intense, and it was clear that the owners had to escape, but as they were moving, they saw something strange under an old rug. They spotted some diabolical symbols and later discovered that these symbols were hidden around the entire room. They believed that a demon was able to enter the home due to these symbols, which were created when a cult of Satan worshippers performed a ritual to summon a demon.

Invisible Evil

For almost 20 years, Bob Cranmer and his family were tormented by a demon in their house in Pennsylvania. They repeatedly felt invisible hands which used to push or assault them. They claimed that the walls used to bleed. In 2005, the family asked the church for an official exorcism, and a priest arrived to remove the demon. It was discovered that the builder of the house cursed it because a group of settlers was murdered on the land in the 18th century by Native Americans. It is also believed that a doctor who used to live in the home and perform illegal procedures attracted the demon. Bob Cranmer claims that the doctor was a demon worshipper who sacrificed children. Allegedly, the family had to spend some time in a psychiatric ward because of all the damage caused by the demon.

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