Weird Japanese Game Shows We Can’t Believe Exist

Check out some of the wildest game shows ever to come out of Japan!


This high-stress game show forces individuals and teams to solve a variety of challenging problems and puzzles… sounds pretty standard, right?

The catch here is that contestants are forced to answer these various questions in extremely high-stress scenarios, such as while standing over a seemingly-bottomless pit on a shrinking platform, or while in a room that is rapidly flooding.

Could you handle the pressure? The puzzles and problems these people are forced to attempt to solve in these scenarios don’t look like they’re very easy, either. I feel like my brain would shut off in these situations! I could never survive a Japanese game show…

“Human Slip-n-Slide”

This show doesn’t leave much to the imagination in more ways than one. Based on the title, you’ve probably figured out by now exactly what conspires in this deceivingly-difficult Japanese game show: A person must successfully cross over a long line of other people while trying not to fall off.

The fun part is that the line of people are actually a bunch of bikini-clad women covered in oil. To add to that, the contestant is usually a middle-aged man because hey, why not? While it seems like a fun and silly game, we have to wonder how much fun this show would still be after a while.

“Gaki no Tuskai” – The A$$ Game

Affectionately known as “The A$$ Game,” this ridiculous show has various forms of play, but it mainly consists of two players in the center of the stage competing to answer the most questions correctly. Of course, failure to answer these questions results in a series of horrible penalties, which is a theme many of these Japanese game shows have in common! One of the most unique penalties of all, the losing player will have either a teammate or stranger—whose rear end is partially or entirely exposed—move closer with each wrong answer until—you guessed it—their butt ends up in their face!

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